Blogo ergo sum – I blog so I exist

A new blog. Why? To share my ideas with the world. To use as input in social networks. In order to find like-minded, or people I can help with my knowledge and experience. You could see it as ‘personal branding’ or ‘personal content marketing’. You can also see it as ‘knowledge in the cloud’. Knowledge multiplied by sharing it. Collecting what others already thought about. Linking what others might not have seen.

Collecting information is not enough. Information is not knowledge unless you can apply it, can help people with it.

As an experienced Marketing Professional in the B2B market I’d like to help companies become successful by focusing on the right customers and by designing their commercial processes to focus on the fulfilment of the needs of those customers.

I do so by working towards a structure of lasting, committed relationships between organisations and customers in a way that adds value for both parties and also for all other stakeholders. That I call Connective Marketing.

Some time back in 2006-2007, I also started a blog: My Blog about Marketing and Web 2.0. That was too much technology oriented. It also didn´t last for long. Since then I´ve learned that the rapid technological changes of this moment can only exist as a result of changing needs of people and society. It is the job of Marketing to provide insight into the changing needs and to define answers thereby creating added value.

This site is not finished yet. We’re still working on a suitable design. But I did not want to wait until everything is perfect. Let’s start!