About me


Arne BleijsMarried to Mar, proud of Iris, proud granddad of Kay and Quin. Trying to keep fit by running and to keep flexible practising Yoga. Dream: house in France (Limousin).

Fascinated by changes in economy and society as a result of the transition to a services/knowledge/community economy and the emergence of new technologies.


Experienced, analytical strong, Marketing professional and Educational specialist. Passionate about services preparing or enabling people to do their job. Think training, process design, knowledge management, IT.

Sense for developments in society and economy en ability to interpret change, particularly in relation to information technology. Able to create overview in large amounts of external and internal data and to discover trends in them.

Major strength: sketching the ‘big picture’, thereby helping to determine direction and strategy. This skill used both in the training situation as in developing marketing plans.

I am known as a ‘translator’, translating trends to opportunities and bridging the gap between customer and developer, between business and technology. I also am a ‘guardian’, questioning the effectiveness of the resources used and performing research thereabout.

Where necessary, I take the lead in projects, in order to – collaborating with other disciplines and using a through a structured, systematic approach – convert opportunities into innovation and innovation into results. In doing so I won’t avoid operational tasks.

Core values

My core values

My mission:

I want to help my client or employer to become successful by focusing on the right customers and by designing its commercial processes to focus on the fulfilment of the needs of those customers.

I focus in particular on the marketing of services that make the work of people more productive, more effective, easier or more enjoyable. Services therefore, focused on the four pillars of the organisation infrastructure: People, Process, Information, Technology, as well as Training in these disciplines. In short: PPITT.

I do so by working towards a structure of lasting, committed relationships between organisations and customers in a way that adds value for both parties and also for all other stakeholders.

Based on this mission, I am looking for positions at strategic and/or tactical level, such as:

  • B2B Marketer
  • Product Manager B2B
  • Marketing Intelligence Consultant / Marketing Information Manager

My vision:

I foresee that in the near future, the way people do business will be based more and more on relationships and experience than on transactions and status. The current technological resources like mobile web, social media, etc. facilitate this and also make customers expect this. Indeed, customers like to be partners more than just customers, and like to contribute to success. This requires a very different way of doing marketing: Connective Marketing. In the near future we will see which companies do succeed in making this step.

I also foresee that need arises for a more mature and balanced structure of organisations, where the pillars People, Process, Information and Technology are balanced with each other and with the Strategy. Also need will arise for service providers helping businesses with this.

I want to be a partner to service companies helping them to develop innovative services in the areas of People, Process, Information, Technology and Training and also helping them to market these with Connecting Marketing in order to be successful again.

My CV:

Have a look at my Curriculum Vitae.